Aufruf: Stop Racial Fetishism – Block auf der Frauen*kampftagsdemo


Racial fetishism is where female fetishism,
capitalistic ideologies and
racism meet.

At this year‘s International Women‘s* March we want to speak up against the fetishisation of Black women and Women* of Color.

Black women* and women* of color (BW*oC) are highly underrepresented in German mainstream media. When we do see them on screen, they are usually hypersexualised, portrayed in stereotypical ways or commodified for marketing purposes (see: tokenism). This perpetuates and reproduces stereotyping and discrimination that we encounter on a daily basis.

Racial fetishism encourages the Othering, hypersexualisation and instrumentalisation of our bodies. This includes but is NOT limited to strong racial preferences in dating, for instance the so-called „Asian Fetish“.

Commodification of race occurs when the bodies of BW*oC and their „cultural practices“ are put up as products that ought to sell a certain exotic experience.

Our ethnicity is NOT something to fetishise and commodify! Stop Racial Fetishism!

Let‘s join forces and fight against racism, anti-feminist ideologies and capitalist structures!

The Future is Ours!


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